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Our duct cleaning process is certified by NADCA (North American Duct Cleaning Association). This organization provides the highest in air duct cleaning standards. We employ a three-stage HEPA vacuum which is hospital grade. At this level, even the air dispersed will measure at 99.99% clean.

Other companies who provide duct cleaning often use hand-held vacuums and can only clean a few feet into the duct work. We clean the ducts with an agitator commonly referred to as a “power whip”. This tool reaches the entire length of the duct – end to end. The power of the suction in our vacuum is 3 times stronger than the HVAC.

Our duct cleaning process includes entire systems duct cleaning. This means all the return and supply vents in the entire system we clean. It also includes complete sanitation of all duct work in your home. Currently, we are adding on a complimentary dryer vent cleaning when you order a total duct cleaning.

A Walkthrough Before And After Where We Document Everything With Pictures.

All Registers Will Be Removed, Cleaned, And Reinstalled.

Cleaning With Our Thorough Power Whip Tool Of All The Supply And Return Ducts That Exist In Your System. The Power Whip Covers The Entire Length Of The Duct System And Agitates All Unwanted Debris Which Is Vacuumed Immediately.

Negative Pressure Vacuum Cleaning Of Your Ducts Located At The Furnace. Negative Pressure Connects To The Furnace. Our Suction Speed Exceeds Industry Norms And Is From 3500 CFMs – 10,000 CFMs. All Debris Is Subjected To A Three-Stage Filter System And Is Forced Through A HEPA Filter. All Waste And Debris Is Contained And Bagged And Removed From The Premises.

Cleaning Of The Evaporator Coil With A Dry Brush Process.

The Furnace Drip Pan Is Inspected And Cleaned.

New 1” Filters Or Specialty Filters (As Needed) Are Installed

Cost for Residential Duct Cleaning:

$549.99 Includes The First System. This Includes An Entire System-Wide Duct Cleaning, Cleaning Your Dryer Vent As Well As Sanitizing All The Duct Work. Additional Systems Cost $475.99 Each.

We also offers Commercial Duct Cleaning services. Please call today for a free estimate for your business today!
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Price: $549.99* – It is common for companies to quote a low cost per vent and then upsell once they get to your house. We have transparent pricing for duct cleaning and is on a per system basis without any upselling later

Average completion time: 4-8 hours

Duct Cleaning
Duct Cleaning
Current client special. Full home duct cleaning. One unit per household.
$25 Off
Duct Cleaning
New customers only. Limit one unit per household.

Dont cut corners when it comes to duct cleaning

Make sure you choose a qualified, NADCA -Certified contractor to ensure the job is done right.

Important: Select a certified NADCA duct cleaning contractor to make sure the cleaning is done correctly.

The difference when you choose our team of seasoned experts to perform your Air Duct Cleaning is that we will complete a thorough pre-inspection before cleaning your house’s duct work. You can rest comfortably knowing that our process includes industry leading standards that put the safety of your home and your HVAC system first.

Add to that our TOTAL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE which we offer with every service, and you can see why you can relax and be confident that you will receive the highest quality workmanship. Contact us to arrange an appointment. One of our Clean Air Professionals will explain to you the NADCA operating procedures to which we hold ourselves.

Air Duct Cleaning Cost In Durham

Low: $300

Average: $725

High: $1000

What's Included

During an HVAC duct cleaning, we'll clean all the heating and cooling system components, including the:

Both the Supply & Return Vent Grilles and Diffusers

Whole System of Air Ducts

Heat exchanger cleaned

Cooling coil cleaned

Drip pan cleaned

Air handler blower motor cleaned

What is the most efficient furnace we offer?

Check the thermostat switch. Make sure it's set to "HEAT" and not "COOL". (This might sound obvious, but it happens.)

Change your air filter. A dirty filter restricts air flow, which can cause a lot of problems for a heat pump. If your air filter is dirty, replace it with a new one.

Clean your outside unit. Your outdoor unit needs air flow to effectively warm your home. Make sure nothing (foliage, boxes, a fence, etc.) is blocking your outdoor unit. If the coils are dirty, you can clean them gently (they're fragile and bend easily) with a garden hose.

It might be in "defrost mode". To prevent your outdoor coils from freezing up when it's cold outside, your heat pump will essentially enter cooling mode for a few minutes so the outdoor coils can warm up. If the outdoor fan has stopped running and you see puffs of steam from the unit, it's in defrost mode. It should switch back to heating mode in a few minutes.

What is a variable speed furnace?

Change the thermostat batteries. If the thermostat batteries are dead, your heat pump won't even turn on.

Make sure your vents are open. Check to make sure:

  1. A supply vent (the ones that push out warm air) didn't accidentally get closed
  2. Your return vents (the ones that pull cold air from your home) aren't obstructed by anything

Check your breaker. If your circuit breaker has tripped, switch it back to "ON". If it keeps tripping, you have a bigger issue that a professional will need to fix.

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Unfortunately, the term “duct cleaning” does not really describe the process very accurately. It is true that our duct cleaning service completely cleans all the duct work that delivers heated or cooled air to your home. However, when we clean the ducts in your home, we clean the complete HVAC system. A better term to use might be “Ducts, Vents and HVAC Cleaning”. The reason this is important is because when comparing us to other companies, the actual service is a world apart. Hiring a company to clean your ducts and not the entire HVAC system would allow your HVAC system to re-contaminate your duct work.

When a duct cleaning company goes to your house to start cleaning your ducts, the HVAC tech has tools that are specialized to reach all the ducts at your house. Usually, this includes the use of an air whip or brush that agitates the settled dust. These tools snake their way along the duct system and loosen built-up dirt on the bottom, sides, and top of your ducts. Then a vacuum that attaches itself to the duct work, vacuums out the dirt and debris. This leaves the ducts clean. Our service also includes a complete cleaning of the whole HVAC system. Special attention is paid to the collection of dirt on the coil, fan blades, and motor.
What Is Ductwork Cleaning?
For years, the EPA has been recommending that you clean the duct work in your home when it shows signs of mold, vermin, or when there is a lot of dust in your home. We also advise duct cleaning when:

Relocate to a new home

Move to a newly constructed home

HVAC system airflow is a problem

Home occupants suffer from allergies, without gaining relief from other souces.

Benefiting From Regular Cleanings

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association conducted a study. This study showed that homeowners were able to save energy as well as money by regularly investing in cleaning their ducts and their HVAC on a regular basis. Their research discovered that HVAC systems tend to become inefficient when there is an accumulation layer of debris and dirt. The NADCA also learned that the duct work, fans, and the coils needed special attention. They found that there was an average of 11 percent energy consumption savings after performing cleaning on even “lightly fouled” HVAC systems. When looking at heavily fouled systems, the savings were much more significant. The challenge is to know how often a homeowner should clean their duct work. There is no “hard and fast” schedule to dictate how often you should clean your HVAC duct work system.

Be careful with your HVAC duct work. If you do not clean your home’s duct work, it can turn into more dirt and debris throughout your living space. The biggest problem is that it can affect your home’s air quality. HVAC systems also use more electricity when they are dirty. Of course, this causes the utility bills to rise. Investing in cleaning your duct work will pay off financially as you enjoy clean and more comfortable air. For your health and budget, only hire reputable cleaners who have NADCA certification. Get in touch with one of our helpful technicians to make an appointment for your duct work to be cleaned.
Benefits Cleaning Ductwork
Only hire a reputable duct cleaner with a NADCA certification to clean your ducts. 
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