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germicidal uv light installation

You know where you don’t want to find mold? Inside your HVAC system – where particles can be easily dispersed through your ductwork and spread throughout your home. Having a germicidal UV light installed will prevent microbials and kill any that is already there. This keeps your home cleaner and your family healthier. We will walk you through the process and make sure we recommend the best light that fits your needs.

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3 Reasons You Might Benefit From A Germicidal UV Light

A HVAC professional told you mold is in your HVAC system
Once mold has been identified by a HVAC specialist, you will need the mold removed by a mold remediation expert. Then, having a germicidal UV light installed will prevent future mold from coming back into your unit.
You live in a humid and warm climate
While using your air conditioner in hot and humid climates it creates a cold and wet environment that is more at risk for growing mold.
You or someone in your home has problems with allergies.
Spores from mold and other pathogens can cause asthma attacks and allergy flare ups. With a proper germicidal UV light it will sterilize any microorganisms and then your HVAC systems filter will capture them.

Improve Your Air Quality AT HOME

Cleaner air at home starts with proper filtration of the air inside and outside of your home. Indoor Air Pollution has been named as one of the top five risks to public health by the EPA. Spending more time indoors means your indoor air quality is top priority to ensure relief from asthma, allergies and other illnesses.

Contact us to speak with an indoor air specialist. We have multiple clean air products and services to fit your needs!

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How germicidal UV lights work

Germicidal UV lights sterilize and prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microorganisms that may be inside of your HVAC system.

These microorganisms love wet, dark environments like your HVAC system. This makes your ductwork, cool evaporator coil, and the condensate drain pan the perfect home for these microorganisms. 

Installing a UV Light will emit UV-C light that can kill and disable germs and microbes, making them unable to multiply. 
Germicidal UV Lights

HVAC UV light brands we install

We only have the highest quality and top rated Germicidal UV lights on the market to ensure the best performance and results for our customers. 

That's why we recommend the following HVAC UV lamp brands to our customers:
Do you have a specific brand in mind? Let us know! We will be happy to go over all of your options so you make the best decision that meets your needs.

types of hvac uv lights

There are two types of sterilizers: return duct air purifiers and coil mounted sterilizers. Both serve the same functionality, sterilizing microbial activity in your HVAC system, but both have a different purpose:
Germicidal UV Air Purifiers
Coil Mounted UV Sterilizers
These units sit outside your return air duct to sterilize contaminants after they pass through your HVAC system. For the best air filtration, we recommend pairing a UV air purifier with a media filter. UV lights sterilize microorganisms, but won't remove them from your home's air.
These units sit inside your return air duct to sterilize contaminants before they pass through your HVAC system. For the best air filtration, we recommend pairing a UV air purifier with a media filter. UV lights sterilize microorganisms, but won't remove them from your home's air.
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Germicidal uv light faqs

These are the most common questions homeowners ask us about germicidal UV light installation in Durham, NC
Do Germicidal UV lights really kill these microbes? 
Scientific studies show UV lights kill mold, viruses and bacteria. Documents show that even back in 1903, Niels Finsen recieved the Noble Prize in Medicine for using UV to treat skin infections. 

Today we use UV light for cleansing hospitals, grocery stores, and restaurants and have now been shown  effective in cleaning HVAC systems. Here are a couple examples: 

1). Duke University Medical Center ran a study in 2012 that showed UV lights kill 97% of bacteria that were antibiotic resistant. 

2). In 2001, The Journal of Applied and Environmental Biology stated that germicidal UV light significantly reduced airborne fungi in AC systems
What Kind of UV Light is Used in HVAC Systems?
UV Lights that are installed in HVAC systems are UV Germicidal Irradiation Lights. These are the same lights being used to kill Covid-19 in lab tests. CDC advises that UV intensity and the amount of time the light is on the service are variables in the effectiveness of the light. Since our HVAC Germicidal Lights are, in most cases, on 24/7 they are considered highly effective. 

While tests are still ongoing results heavily appear that these lights clean a wide variety of contaminates. We are here to go over multiple light options that meet your needs, home size and type of system you have.  If you are concerned about your systems cleanliness we recommend giving a professional a call immediately. 
What is the cost for a Germicidal UV Light? 
Price varies by brand, size and light strength but the average light for both the coil and air ducts cost between $80 - $125. These lower cost units use one single lamp where those higher priced units use two lamps and include an air filter for air allergens.

The life of each lamp is between 9 to 14 months for the most popular brands. So on average you will be spending $15-$50 per year for new lamps depending on how many lamps you have and the brand.

This cost is well worth the benefits of the elimination of bacteria and fungus and prevent the buildup of organisms that can clog your air handler drains which increases the potential of mold growth. 
What else can I do to prevent future problems? 
UV Lights are just part of the solution to keeping your HVAC system clean and free of contaminants.

Check your filters: Wether you have a washable or disposable filter, make sure you check them regularly to ensure they are clean. If dirty, replace disposable filters or clean reusable ones per the manufacturers instructions. If you have pets we recommend changing your filter once per month or every 6 weeks without pets. Don't forget! Your filter needs changed even when you use the heat! 

Only use high MERV filters. High MERV Filters remove smaller particles then regular filters so there is less debris to get into your HVAC system.  If you have an older system, it might not be compatible with a high MERV filter. Ask your HVAC company or refer to your owners manual for further recommendations. 
Is getting a Germicidal UV Light worth the cost? 
You might wonder, Is the cost for a Germicidal UV light worth it? On average, you can expect anywhere from $45-$70 additional energy cost to run your lamp. So, is it worth it? 

Do you or someone in your household have allergies or is sick more then normal? If so, part of the solution could be a Germicidal UV Light in your HVAC system. 

We recommend:

1). Have your systems cleaned and maintained regularly
2). Make sure your ducts are properly and professionally sealed
3). If your system allowed for a high MERV filter, switch to using them
4). Install a UV coil light, the coil is one of the primary locations for growth of fungus in your HVAC system 
5). If you are experiencing severe symptoms, install a UV air sanitizing light in your ducts. 

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